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Employment Tribunal Representation Manchester

“We provide employment tribunal representation Manchester for employers with 100% success rate in defending Clients in the Employment Tribunal.”

Employment Tribunal Representation in Manchester

Employment Tribunals determine disputes between employees and employers with regard to employment rights. They have the jurisdiction to hear claims relating to employment including unfair dismissal, discrimination, redundancy and unlawful deduction of wages and we offer employment tribunal representation for employers.


An Employment Tribunal is similar to a court, although not as formal. Like a court it must act independently and cannot give legal advice. They have the power to compel both parties to disclose evidence and can order witnesses to attend the hearing. Evidence is given as in court and anyone found to be lying can be convicted of perjury. However unlike in court the successful party cannot claim costs back from the losing party. Consequently “retaining” Employment Tribunal Representation  can save your business thousands of pounds.

employment tribunal representation

100% success with Employers Employment Tribunal Representation

We have a 100% success rate in the cases that we have defended because we are experts in employment law and understand how to apply it. We have attended and presented at most Tribunals in Manchester and experience of defending all types of claim. We are able to give advice on Employment Tribunal Representation and defend employers in all business sectors.

When you become a retained client with us you will begin to protect your business and can rely on us to support you with any Employment Tribunal cases.  When instructed we will ensure that all orders made by the court are observed including the drafting of witness statements and exchange of documents.



We may be able to assist in the provision of an optional insurance policy that would cover any compensation awarded in the unlikely outcome, when you have taken and acted on the advice we have given, of a claimant winning the case and an award of compensation. Subject to the terms of the insurance your business would not need to find the money to pay the award. If you are interested in the security this type of policy would give your business then contact us for further details.


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