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Since 2004 we have been proving employers with a comprehensive employment law service. It was our view in 2004 that there was a need for a service that could help employers with all types of employment law problems, and at the same time was excellent value for money.

We are a small team, based in Cheshire and cover the whole of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).

We do not believe in tying our Clients in to lengthy 3 or 5 year agreements, or designing our price structure so that the Client has to choose a lengthy term. Our services are retained over a one year rolling term. Virtually all of our Clients renew annually allowing us to manage their employment law requirements.

Our Client base is varied, and includes most sectors. We advise Companies of all sizes including ‘house hold’ names, celebrity business owners and equally much smaller businesses.

Furthermore, we do not have a basic service level that can be increased via ‘a menu’ with significant increases in price with each additional level. We believe in providing a compressive service to all our Clients. The only options chargeable outside of our service package are the inclusion of an indemnity (from our partner insurer) and ‘health and safety’ services.

Our Legal Advisers are formally qualified such as LLB and/or LLM degrees and have significant experience practising employment law. Law is an academic subject, however we believe that it needs to be applied and delivered practically.

EBS Law are members of The Industrial Law Society

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17-19 Park Lane, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire SK12 1RD

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Email: enquiries@ebslaw.co.uk

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Registered Address:
17-19 Park Lane, Poynton,
Stockport, Cheshire SK12 1RD

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