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Employment Law Help and Assistance for Employers

“We are quite willing to accept new clients to our retained employment law service with existing problems, even where a claim has already been received”.

All employers need employment law help and assistance from time-to-time. Whether the question is big or small, we will find a solution for your employment problem. Employment problems often take employers away from the work which they should be contracting on.  Employment law help and assistance for Employers without a resource to support the organisation may involve trawling the internet for advice, phoning free organisations only able to provide very general advice.  Often these approaches leave the problem unsolved.

Employment Law Help and Assistance for Employers

Whether disciplinary, dismissal, discrimination, sickness redundancy or wages assistance is required, we can help. Even if you have already acted and think that you may have made a mistake, it’s not too late to take advice. If necessary, we can advise on how to repair the situation or alternatively how to tactically defend the situation.  We are quite willing to accept new clients with existing problems even where a claim has already been received.

employment law help and assistance for employers

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Many of our clients engage our service without existing problems wanting to retain a service so that they have peace of mind knowing that their future actions and decisions are legally compliant.  We have never lost a case where our Client has taken our advice prior to the situation occurring that subsequently resulted in the claim occurring.  Our service includes drafting/reviewing of employment contracts and handbook, unlimited advice, HR letter drafting and Employment Tribunal Scheme. We are also able to introduce clients to an optional insurance indemnity to support our services; removing the financial risk of employment tribunal claims.

Our Service

We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service to our employer clients.  The service is available to all employers in all sectors of the UK. Our advisers are legally qualified, highly experienced and able to practically deliver employment law help and assistance for employers.  Delivery will often be to individuals with very little employment law knowledge or alternatively to those with a good grasp of working employment law knowledge such as in-house HR Professionals.

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