New guidance published for employers on the Fit for Work Scheme

The Government has produced new guidance for employers, employees and GPs on the Fit for Work Scheme. The scheme is due to be rolled out April 2015.

Fit for Work is free and there are two elements: (a) an advice service providing health and work advice through a website ( (England and Wales) and (Scotland)) and a telephone line (0800 032 6235 (England and Wales) and 0800 019 2211 (Scotland)) to help with absence prevention, and (b) a referral service providing an occupational health assessment and a return to work plan for employees who have been off sick from work, or who are likely to be off sick from work, for

“Day One” Right to Unfair Dismissal for Reservists

Reservists are entitled to a “day one” right to claim unfair dismissal if they feel that the reason for their dismissal is the result of absences from work due to their membership of the Reserve forces.

This change to the law became effective from 1st October 2014 and means that from the first day of employment a reservist can make a claim for unfair dismissal rather than, as previously, having to meet the qualifying period of 2 years which is usual for many other types of unfair dismissal claims.

Previously, meeting this length of qualifying service was difficult for reservists as time not spent in active service did